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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Copy/Paste in KDE

This is becoming really annoying. I'm using KDE 3.4 (which comes with Slackware 10.2 - the latest at the time of writing). AFAIK, Pat doesn't alter KDE sources, so this is definitely a problem in KDE.

I happens almost every time: copy... and nothing gets into clipboard. Even between KDE apps. It just happened between Kate and Konsole. It's even worse when you want to do Cut+Paste. Better don't close the app. until you pasted the text.

Yes, I don't run Klipper. Why should I? And guess what: doing copy the second time works. So should I just do Copy twice each time?

No, I'm not going to submit a bug report to KDE team. If they don't see this and aren't annoyed, why should I be, I'll just switch back to IceWM or give Gnome another shot.


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